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But for me it was a nice gift, as I have never been able to lose weight with diets before this.I am thinking about trying Nutrisystem- have to finish up the food in my freezer first, so I was just looking up reviews and was happy to come across this.They are there to help you and they will if you work with them.

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Well I see that your article on NS is rather good as it talks about lots of interesting aspects to the program that I never knew about.I would advise against too much exercise over the recommended the first 4-6 weeks until you have adjusted.Things like free delivery, customer counseling and support all come as standard now with auto delivery.In the mean time have had a baby and just started the plan again to lose the baby weight.My daughter-in-law and granddaughter agreed to join with me on a special offer in March.Also, aside from including frozen foods, how is the Select different than the Basic.Take a read through this website too, this guy knows a thing on losing weight.

Raw cabbage is delicious when shredded and dressed with cider vinegar and a little freshly grated black pepper (hint: the vinegar is a diet aid too).But how many of them tell you about the things you should really be prepared for before you click on the ad and you then decide to sign up.

Yep, when you exercise you do gain some muscle which is a good thing.Hey Angie, the amount a person loses is really an individual thing and differs from person to person.

Losing more may sound more amazing and it does happen to many people, but its the exception, not the rule.I selected everything I would like under the customized menu.

No wanting to cheat either and that was always my downfall with diets I tried in the past.I really enjoyed those four weeks so much I kept on the diet for three months and lost a total of 28 pounds.Thanks Tesmer, the whole idea of the diet is based around convenience so if you have that measure of determination then you can succeed at losing weight with this diet food delivery plan.I just approve them when they come in (I filter out the spam).Anyways, thanks for the great review and the chance to put my own two cents in about what I thought of it.I know some find the meal size small, but if you add the extra vegetables that they suggest, you will be full.

I wanted to loose a total of 16 pounds and was told by numerous NS consultants that I could do it in 2 months.The fiber in the food and add in of vegetables and lots of water I stayed in the bathroom and dropped weight with an additional two pounds when I weighed in that Monday.I have one question though, is it okay to havr the desert as a snack between lunch and dinner, or am i suposed to eat it after dinner.

You could lose weight on this diet, because you cannot eat the darn food. Yech. Awful. I do NOT recommend.What is the benefit of eating the frozen meals from NurtiSystem or the Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choices at my local store for just a couple bucks a portion.Visit their website by clicking any one of the links on this page to get the most up to date information on their current published prices.This taught me that I had been overeating for way too many years and had become the norm.It was a really great read and has definitely helped me to understand what this diet is all about.

Adding some veg to the soups is a good idea and one that NS recommends if you have trouble with feeling hungry.For those of you complaining of feeling hungry, it takes a couple of weeks of being on the plan for your body to get used to the smaller portions and for your stomach to shrink.We live in Wisconsin and a bill was just passed for Union workers to where we are taking a huge hit financially.Makes a difference from all the contrived so-called reviews I read about on other sites that all seem to give such a glowing report of the NS diet that they just cannot be all real.The food so far has been pretty tasty, but very small portions. neutral.I have over 100 pounds to loose and started NS out of desperation.I am very interested in starting this program but am concerned about the high sodium content.

Nutrisystem is the weight loss plan that complements even the most hectic of schedules.All I can think is that those that complained loudest must have gotten on the phone to support with a bad, argumentative attitude to begin with.

Note: The author is a qualified hypnotherapist specializing in weight control hypnotherapy and a nutritionist.According to NS consultants, I must have the above (which I have been having since Feb).

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You need to get a little strict with yourself and that comes with truly wanting to lose that weight.However, in your case I would not recommend NS — more for the fact that you should not be eating any processed foods at all with your condition as the additives that are so often found in these will also irritate your colon.After reading replies I realized Men lose faster for some reason than women, at least the Men in these replies have.The whole thing is designed around restricting calorie intake, balancing the nutrients and small portion size.So go through and select items that at least sound appealing to you.